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Never Not Broken

Sometimes you can’t move beyond the broken

There are things you can’t fix or do your way out of

All the tools and tricks can’t make you heal any faster

There is no solution but time

Time asks you to sit here, stay here in the destruction

You can not bypass

Only pass through

But you must go through

Find grace in the grief

Be honest with yourself and those you love in the heart break

Allow your people to witness your sorrow

Let them support you

You deserve that care and support

You are Worthy

The greatest gifts we can give the ones we love

To trust them with our pain and vulnerability

Tears are not manipulation

They are the souls barometer for truth

and can truly wash away the trauma, bitterness and shame

You are strong enough to do this

Don’t forget who you are

You are the Phoenix

Resurrect in this life

Again and again

Being broken does not mean you are broken

read that again

Being broken does not mean you are broken

Find your true beauty in the never not broken

and rise again

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