“My Love, why play small when you were born for greatness?”


About Me

This is what I was born to do!

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Everyone has unique gifts and talents.  When we unearth and share them, life truly becomes an adventure.


My approach to healing? Focus on gratitude first to make way for miracles.


I was incredibly blessed to come upon this healing path early in life. My journey began due to countless health issues. When conventional medicine didn't work I turned to modes of alternative healing.  Through the turmoil, I remained focused on the light.This single-minded devotion has led me to some incredible teachers, learning opportunities, and experiences all over the world.


I have been amassing tools and a team of profoundly gifted healers that have supported me to achieve my vision of perfect health.  Now I am excited to share with you what I’ve learned.


The true purpose of life is to follow joy.  My Joy lays in connection.


In every moment we have two choices, love or fear. Fear can be incredibly compelling but it keeps us small; , limited and in pain. Love is more subtle.  When we learn to listen to its whispers then follow where it leads, life becomes the adventure we came here to live.  


When I allowed my heart to lead the way, the Intuitive abilities I was born with became my guiding force.

This shift also brought a very unexpected gift - Angels began giving me messages and visitations.  


Angels are non-denominational and are pure love. They are here to help anyone who requests their support.   As I developed my skills, I found that my clairvoyant and claircognizant abilities grew in such a way that I can now bring messages from Angels, Spirit Guides, Past Lives and many other loving energies around us into energy sessions with clients.


​​​Energy therapies support and balance the physical body, mind, and emotional spirit. I am a certified Angel Guide and I offer intuitive energy healing, soul coaching, oracle card reading, aura reading, space clearing, cord cutting, guided meditation, and therapeutic touch based services.


Please contact me to book an appointment.

With Gratitude,




Sessions are $115 CAD  and approximately 90 minutes

Practicing by phone or Zoom only at this time

Ask about monthly one on one coaching.

Packages Available 

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